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Though morg4n (Steve Morgan - Guitar/Producer/Music) and s1ms (Stephen Sims - Vocals) both have history in 2000’s rock bands, it was their “ethical hacker” day jobs which formed the basis of the friendship, and the core of the band. Steve, who is based in Miami Florida met while cyber-security expert Steve, (CTO of Web-3 Cyber Security company Halborn) was attending an expert cyber security class taught by Stephen (SANS Institute) who lives in California. Besides literally writing one of the go-to books on hacking, teaches the US and world government agencies how to defend against cyber-attacks. They both are real life hacker legends.

Realizing they had shared history in the music industry, they started trading files during the pandemic, eventually building a small body of work that was both progressive in its fusing of electronic and rock, but also calling to mind the bands who influenced them along the way (Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, Deftones, Korn, and LA late 90’s/early aughts nü-metal).

Their manager, Justin Warfield of the band "She Wants Revenge" began working with them when they had 4 songs, an incredible music video for "Flight or Flight" to help them to steer the ship and navigate the industry. Over the course of a year and a half they began to hone their sound, their visuals, their songs, as well as building the narrative and story arc from the ground up. 

As of 2024, the band has bui;t independantly a concise, clear body of work, including some great remixes from KMFDM, The Crystal Method, Molchat Doma, and Tommie Sunshine which help reach different audiences, show some musical diversity, and deepen the bench so to speak. 


The whole band and narrative is rooted in high-concept storylines with world-building music videos that join in a saga, lyric videos, and visualizers which tie into the lore, mythology, and storyline. As real-life cyber geniuses, the technology angle plays into everything they do, but it’s organic, and something which we hope over time the hardcore nerds and Reddit heads will tap into, as it’s not just image, but their reality. 

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